Catwoman: Soulstealer – Sarah J. Maas Should Not Write Anything Anymore

The whole DC Icons thing – a series of young adult books set in the universe by comic book publisher DC Comics – went right past me. Furthermore, I have never heard of the author before. I didn’t know who Sarah J. Maas was until I picked up my copy of «Catwoman: Soulstealer» at an … 


On Objectification

Objectification is something that usually causes outrage. Time to look at the mechanisms behind one of the main outrages of the journalism world. Because objectification is a choice, not something you can’t avoid.


Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer: Mitten in die Nostalgie

Die Neuverfilmung von Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer kommt in ein paar Tagen in die Schweizer Kinos. Wird der Film dem Erbe der Geschichte gerecht? Lohnt es sich, den Film anzusehen? Ich war an einer Schweizer Premiere und habe Antworten.


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch: Three Books in One, Two of Which are Good

What would happen if you could access alternate versions of your life? What if you could be a superstar in your field? Would you do it? And what would it cost? These are questions that Blake Crouch wants to answer in his book «Dark Matter». He succeeds two out of three times.


Death Race 4 – Beyond Anarchy: Stupidly Awesome, Awesomely Stupid

There have been three Death Race movies, none of them particularly successful. Now there’s a fourth one. Does it deliver? Is it a bomb? One thing’s certain. I love every second of it.


Isle of Dogs: The Most Wes-Anderson-y Wes Anderson Movie

There are few directors who have developed and improved on their style over the course of their careers. Wes Anderson is one of them. In his latest film, Isle of Dogs, it seems the director has found his style. Despite the fact that it’s stylistically as perfect as it’ll get, some things get lost among … 


Fifty Shades of Grey: A Look Back at a Very Questionable Trilogy

Fifty Shades of Over. After three movies, a trilogy of terrible things ends. Let’s take a look back at three films that have made their very own kind of cultural impact.


Black Panther: The Concept of a Loyal Opposition

Marvel’s latest movie, Black Panther, opens in cinemas this week. While it’s a very good movie, it’s not without its flaws. It does, however, show that Marvel can still create engaging stories that are not reliant on spectacle.


Ich hasse die Wörter «beliebt» und «bekannt»

Als Journalist mache ich mir Gedanken über die Sprache, die wir tagtäglich verwenden. Denn es liegt nach Ablauf der Deadlines an mir, meinen Lesern möglichst viel Information verständlich zu vermitteln. So kommt es, dass ich allerlei Meinungen zu merkwürdigen kleinen Dingen der Deutschen Sprache habe. Unter anderem hasse ich die Wörter «beliebt» und «bekannt». Der … 


The Disaster Artist – Ein Oscar für schlechtes Schauspiel

The Disaster Artist ist das wohl ungewöhnlichste Meisterwerk der jüngeren Filmgeschichte. Warum? Weil nicht nur geht es im Film um einen schlechten Film, den schlechtesten Film sogar, sondern das Verrückteste: Der Film basiert auf einer wahren Geschichte.